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Tomato Experiment Using Self Watering Grow Boxes

I’m doing a tomato growing experiment to show the effects of using growbags on top of self-watering polystyrene boxes. That gives me two parameters to work with, soil quality and water amount, that I can combine like this: Photo number / case: Garden soil Growbag soil Natural watering by rain 1 2 Self-watering box 3

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Garden Layout

Okay, I’ll admit that it looks nice with the sharp edge between the raised beds and the lawn. It’s soft on the knees when you sow or weed, but I’m beginning to realize that there are some rather annoying disadvantages by alternating between lawn and beds like this. First, this is what always happens near

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8 Ways To Grow More Food

1. Planning – WHEN will you grow WHAT, and HOW? 2. Work every day – Find out what you can do TODAY to grow more food, and do it 3. Water your plants on dry days – How much WATER do your plants need? 4. Plant “seeds” – Order books, order seeds, make appointments 5.

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