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How to Harvest Sea Buckthorn

This is Magnus showing the most efficient way to harvest sea buckthorn. Well, he doesn’t exactly harvest the berries, but he only takes away the raw juice, which is good because he doesn’t harm the buckthorn shrubs: Part 1: [media id=5 width=500 height=395] Part 2: [media id=6 width=500 height=395] You can read more about his

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Sea Buckthorn Juice Recipe

Photo by Arthur Chapman. I’m not growing sea buckthorn in my garden (yet?…), but it grows along the coast of Denmark, so it’s available for free around this time of the year, if you bother to go out and harvest the berries. A thank you goes to Dorte for the juice recipe below! 🙂 “Sea

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Make Your Own Sea Buckthorn Juice

The picture above shows a field of Sea Buckthorn shrubs (Hippophae L.) growing near the west coast of Denmark. If you look closely you’ll be able to see patches of yellow berries. Sea buckthorn is special because it tolerates the salty and dry climate around here. The shrubs need full sun and can be up

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