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The 2010 Harvest

This is the log describing the food I brought in from my garden grown in 2010. I wrote a post called My Garden Layout in 2010 if you want more details about the garden. ———————- Leeks: 2010-10-10: 1 pcs. Total:  1 pcs. ———————- Tomatoes: 2010-10-05: 2525 g (green), 1894 g (red) 2010-09-21: 223 g (yellow,

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My Garden Layout for 2010

Below you’ll find my kitchen garden layout for 2010: 1. Potatoes (48 plants) 2. Potatoes (48 plants) 3. Root vegetables (carrots, parsnip, beets) 4. Legumes and brassica (radish, peas, corn, runner beans, broccoli, cauliflowers) 5. Misc. (squash, rucola, spinach, leeks,  onions) 6. Misc. (carrots, onions, leeks) 7. Flowers Against the wall on the left I

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The 2009 Harvest

Now that the snow is covering everything around here I’ve had a chance to look through the stacks of paper documenting my food growing adventures in 2009. This is a log describing the food I’m bringing in from my garden grown in 2009. I’m using the following beds: Raised bed, 3 m x 1.2 m

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