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Mulching My Garden Beds

Once a week I mow the lawn and I often use the grass clippings as mulch on my beds. Leaves and small sticks collected by the lawnmower can be used too: A bed of leeks has been prepared this way: When you have a layer of mulch the weeds have a hard time reaching the

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My Garden Layout for 2010

Below you’ll find my kitchen garden layout for 2010: 1. Potatoes (48 plants) 2. Potatoes (48 plants) 3. Root vegetables (carrots, parsnip, beets) 4. Legumes and brassica (radish, peas, corn, runner beans, broccoli, cauliflowers) 5. Misc. (squash, rucola, spinach, leeks,  onions) 6. Misc. (carrots, onions, leeks) 7. Flowers Against the wall on the left I

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Leek Companion Plants

After my encounter with the leek moth larva I would like to find out what kind of plants that leeks welcome as their neighbor, also known as companion plants. No, leeks are not supposed to look like the ones in the picture 😉 They’re infected by leek moth larva. I couldn’t find any natural companion

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