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Aquaponics Home System – Part 23: Eheim 1260 noise reduction

Phew! The system has finally been set up and the last parts added. Now it’s time to tweak, like for instance reducing noise. Our system is sitting in the corner of our living room so we want it to be as quiet as possible. If it was placed in a garage or greenhouse noise wouldn’t

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10 Herbs and Spices for Your Kitchen Garden

Need ideas for spicing up your food this year? These are 10 popular herbs and spices you can grow yourself: 1. Chives Photo by Misserion. 2. Coriander Photo by Joi. 3. Cumin Photo by Gusjer. 4. Dill Photo by Saucy Salad. 5. Marjoram Photo by Sandy Austin. 6. Oregano Photo by Joi. 7. Parsley Photo

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