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Concrete Block Raised Beds

The good thing about using concrete blocks for your raised bed is that concrete will last for a lifetime. Although this one is being used for flowers you could just as well grow vegetables in it: Photo by Liz (perspicacious.org). The concrete blocks will stay in place for many years but unfortunately they take up

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Getting Ready to Move

In about two weeks a new garden adventure will begin for me, as I’ll be moving to a new property together with my girlfriend and our two small kids. What’s new for me is that this time it’s a rented place compared to our current house, which I own myself. We had a brief talk

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Garden Layout

Okay, I’ll admit that it looks nice with the sharp edge between the raised beds and the lawn. It’s soft on the knees when you sow or weed, but I’m beginning to realize that there are some rather annoying disadvantages by alternating between lawn and beds like this. First, this is what always happens near

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