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Raised Bed Designs

It’s time for another collection of raised bed designs from around the world. The kitchen gardeners out there are really creative when it comes to shapes and materials used. Although many types of raised bed kits for gardens are available in shops you might get inspired to construct your very own based on the gallery

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Mulching My Garden Beds

Once a week I mow the lawn and I often use the grass clippings as mulch on my beds. Leaves and small sticks collected by the lawnmower can be used too: A bed of leeks has been prepared this way: When you have a layer of mulch the weeds have a hard time reaching the

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eBook review – Cinder Block Gardens

Introduction My interest in this book was originally due to the fact that my own wooden raised beds are rotting away. So I was thinking about using concrete tiles as building blocks instead. Then I saw this eBook and liked the idea of using cinder blocks instead. I did some research and found out that

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