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Easy on the Cherries Blackbird

Photo by Chris. P. The blackbirds tricked me this year. I had been watching the cherries grow more juicier each day, and after several weeks they looked like something taken right out of a Disney movie. Big, fat, dark red juicy perfect shaped wonders of nature. Well, I wasn’t the only one who had been

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Raised Bed Designs

It’s time for another collection of raised bed designs from around the world. The kitchen gardeners out there are really creative when it comes to shapes and materials used. Although many types of raised bed kits for gardens are available in shops you might get inspired to construct your very own based on the gallery

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How to Build a Compost Using Chicken Wire

As the lawn is beginning to look more and more like a real kitchen garden I’m collecting lots of material suitable for composting. I picked a spot next to my rain collector for my new compost pile: Four pieces of round pressure treated poles are placed in each corner: I’m using metal chicken wire to

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