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Rescuing My Tomato Plants

When I find these new shoots on my tomato plants I normally pinch them off to force the plant to focus its energy on the developing fruits instead of foliage, but now that all of my plants are affected by blight I suddenly find myself welcoming these new shoots as they provide much needed foliage

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My Garden Layout for 2010

Below you’ll find my kitchen garden layout for 2010: 1. Potatoes (48 plants) 2. Potatoes (48 plants) 3. Root vegetables (carrots, parsnip, beets) 4. Legumes and brassica (radish, peas, corn, runner beans, broccoli, cauliflowers) 5. Misc. (squash, rucola, spinach, leeks,  onions) 6. Misc. (carrots, onions, leeks) 7. Flowers Against the wall on the left I

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