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Rescuing My Tomato Plants

When I find these new shoots on my tomato plants I normally pinch them off to force the plant to focus its energy on the developing fruits instead of foliage, but now that all of my plants are affected by blight I suddenly find myself welcoming these new shoots as they provide much needed foliage

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Back From Vacation

I took a week of vacation last week away from home and the garden. I was a bit worried what would happen if my garden was left by itself at the peak of the season. The weather turned out to be windy and wet (and so did my vacation 🙁 ), and below is a

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Rescue Your Crops From Caterpillars

If you find caterpillars on your vegetables that look like these you’re most likely dealing with the Large White butterfly: Photo by Lazarus Churchyard. It’s a quite common butterfly in Europe but pay attention if you see any of these hovering around your precious rows of radish or cole crops: Photo by jpockele. Colourful flowers

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