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Sweet Red Apples and Big Potatoes

Autumn is here and these are apples from one of our apple trees in the kitchen garden. These are quite sour when they start dropping from the tree but we also have another tree with perfect sweet red apples that are perfect to eat right off the tree. These, on the other hand, are sour

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Interview with Mike Higgs from Canada: We Like to Experiment

He has been growing fruits and vegetables for four years now together with his wife Joyce. They preserve part of what they grow in a root cellar and they even have enough to sell some of it at the local market. Propagation by seeds, cuttings and root division is a big part of their gardening

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First Pictures From My New Garden

The dust has finally settled after our move from the old house to the new rented house, but there’s still a lot of things that need to be cleaned up, sorted and put into the right place. Unfortunately, the space I had in my old 30 m2 (320 ft2) garage shrinked to a small 4┬ám2

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