Pole Beans Trellis

Pole beans, also known as runner beans, will do just that – run. Upwards, up to 2 m and maybe even longer (6.6 ft). In order to support these fast growing plants you’ll need a pole beans trellis. The quick and dirty solution is to stick 3 bamboo sticks into the ground and collect the ends in the top and tie them together. Place one bean plant at each bamboo stick and the plants will start running upwards – and create a mess in the top unless they’re pruned. If you’re ready to prune bean plants, stick to the bush bean type instead. They don’t need trellising or pruning.

You can take the next step, and go with the M like structure. The former was an A type structure, without the horizontal stick in the middle. Place the plants in the middle of the M and let them grow up and outwards from the middle. Imagine placing several M’s along your rows of pole beans, and bring a load bamboo sticks for this type of structure.

If you have a long metal rod you can just drive it into the ground and let more than 2 m stick out of the ground (6.6 ft). Place a runner bean plant at the bottom of the rod and let the plant run into the sky. It may need several bumps along the length of the rod in order to have something to grab hold of to keep itself up, on this I type structure, if it makes sense at all to call this simple method a structure.

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