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Saving Cucumber Seeds (would be nice)

After successfully saving seeds from this years tomatoes I set out to save some cucumber seeds. It didn’t go as planned. I saved one particularly healthy looking cucumber from the plant growing up the south facing garage wall: It was dark green when I picked it but I stored it for several weeks inside the

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What Does a Spinach Plant With Seeds Look Like?

If you take a closer look at bolted spinach plants you’ll find the seeds grouped in small clusters: The seeds can easily be rubbed off the stem although some will stay together and you’ll need to separate those. From a single spinach plant I saved enough seeds to fill at least two normal seeds bags,

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An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability

Here’s an interesting video from YouTube about back yard sustainability. Janaia Donaldson is interviewing Scott McGuire from Oregon about the project he’s running in the backyard of his rented property. The picture is lagging but that’s worst in the first 10 minutes when they talk face to face. After that they take a tour in

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