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Let Your Garden Debug Itself

It’s annoying to have your vegetables eaten up by bugs. Luckily it’s possible to get help from other insects, because they’ll attack those harmful bugs and eat them or feed them to their young. Some plants naturally attract these beneficial insects and some even attract several helpful insects to your garden. In the table below

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22 Tips on Growing Your Own Food

Photo by mckaysavage. Write your own garden calender on when to do what and print it out and put it on the wall to be more effective at growing food Write a garden journal to learn more effectively from your experiences Purchase an extra 5 kg kitchen scale and a notebook to find out how

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You Don’t Have To Own A Nursery Greenhouse To Grow Your Own Food In The City

Get ready for some serious city raised bed gardening. The way she uses PVC pipes to build a small greenhouse over her raised beds is just brilliant. And very simple. See if you can spot the hens: Here’s another video from the city. I love how happy and enthusiastic the kids are. Look at the

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