Easy on the Cherries Blackbird

Photo by Chris. P.

The blackbirds tricked me this year. I had been watching the cherries grow more juicier each day, and after several weeks they looked like something taken right out of a Disney movie. Big, fat, dark red juicy perfect shaped wonders of nature.

Well, I wasn’t the only one who had been watching.

What do blackbirds actually do all day? If they’re not feeding their offspring, what do they do? I’m sure they sit and stare at the fruits in my fruit trees, waiting, perhaps taking a nap for five minutes, stare some more, wait, zzz… I can’t compete with that, I also have to save the world and all that.

It took the blackbirds 1.5 days at most to strip a 3 m (10 feet) high cherry tree completely of all its berries, which is totally ridiculous. The only positive thing about it that I can think of is that the stones are spread to a large area through the birds droppings, but then again, I think that fruit trees are usually grafted onto a robust root that has adapted to local conditions. It means that the small trees that will come from the seeds will not always survive and produce fruit themselves.

The solution to this, if you want to eat your own fruit yourself? Nets. Large nets with small masks, covering the whole tree or shrub. Or cages, with chicken wire mesh mounted on a wooden frame. That will keep the birds out – just remove the cages or nets whenever you are ready to get a healthy shot of vitamins and save money for the next trip to the nursery, by growing your own fruit.

Photo by quisnovus.

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