Soil Improvement

I have really got my hands full with this new garden. It is both awesome and scary at the same time, because I get so many great ideas I want to try out, but the plot is still a wilderness after two months mid-season. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to handle this beast and make it into a neat, food-producing kitchen garden. It’s the perfect way to exercise patience and faith – the carrot seeds took an awful long time to grow into seedlings, and the soil needs nutrients really bad. I’m not sure if soil is the right word. It looks like something you’ll find at the seashore, so I’ll have to have faith in the yearlong composting process, and that I’ll be able to turn my kitchen waste and ornamental garden waste into humus for the vegetable beds.

I’m figuring out a plan for the placement of each bed, and digging away. I discovered what I thought was a discarded concrete building block, but it turned out to be a large 3 x 3 m concrete bed that had been buried in garden waste for many, many years, judging by the height of the pile on top of it (about 1.5 m). Now I just need to find out if it’s some kind of pool (i.e. call in the ducks), or an ordinary bed without a concrete floor in it (i.e. reread the Food4Wealth ebook and use it as a Food4Wealth bed).

No matter what – the potatoes I did manage to plant in the ridiculously sandy soil will soon be ready for harvest, and I’ll appreciate every small bite.

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