Kitchen Garden Plot Tour 2012

Maybe I put a bit too much energy into this – I wanted more space for my kitchen garden (in fact, I had almost no space at all) and now I have a park on my hands! Well, most of the garden is ornamental, but it still takes time for me to mow the lawn and trim the bushes and hedges. But it’s awesome, I love it!

It took some time to get used to the snakes crawling around in the tall grass, but they’re pretty harmless. These videos below were shot a couple of months ago and now that the grass has been mowed several times I think the snakes left.

The ornamental garden and the kitchen garden are connected through a beautiful old wooden trellis, but the kitchen garden was still a complete wilderness when the videos were shot. It’s okay, I like the challenge!

Half of trees in the far back of the garden are cherry trees, and they’re very tall, maybe 8 meters or so. It’s actually raining cherries down there if you get the timing right.
A couple of big piles of sticks have been left to rot, with God knows what kind of creepy critters living in there (among snakes, yes).

I’m looking forward to harvesting Victoria plums and apples from tall trees planted long time ago in the kitchen garden.

And oh, check out the custom made concrete composting tube, and the concrete drum (whatever that has been used for?) It looks like the garden and the tools and stuff were left behind in a hurry and haven’t been touched since – just like an old town from the gold rush…

The far end has been fenced off against deer, with a tall fence, with a view to the golf course next door; “Clock!” And duck. 😉

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