Natural Bean Plant Trellis for Runner Beans

I didn’t have much outdoor space for growing food this year but I spotted these two self-seeded young trees and got the idea of using them as bean trellises:

It’s a bit difficult the see the bean plants climbing up the stems, but you can tell that there’s a bean plant in there somewhere because the leaves are light green instead of dark green. The bean plant growing on the tree to the left is even harder to spot since this is a purple bean plant variety.

I planted each bean plant in their own clay pot below the trees:

If I hadn’t used the young trees as bean trellises for runner beans they would probably have been cut down, because they were self-seeded. It turns out that as these trees grew taller they actually shielded my small container garden pretty well from the wind, which is important, or else your tomato plants and cucumber plants might easily be ripped apart during a storm.

A close-up picture of one of the stems clearly shows that there’s a bean plant growing on the stem:

And as usual – the bean plant is growing counter-clockwise around the stem or trellis. And no, it’s not related to your geographical location, i.e. if you’re living on the northern or southern hemisphere.

Small green beans have started to form and more flowers are developing so soon I’ll be able to harvest something for the kitchen!

4 comments on “Natural Bean Plant Trellis for Runner Beans

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    That’s a novel way of supporting your beans! It looks very successful.

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    Janet, the beans are now 5 inches (12 cm) so it works quite well 😉 The traditional bamboo sticks are actually rather expensive if you buy them in a supermarket or nursery, so it’s cheaper to use what you already got.

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    I’m using an old outdoor rotary washing line for beans this year. The beans should hang down nice and visibly. Next year I’m also going to use a parasol frame that I salvaged. I plan to place it so it shades the lettuce at midday.

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    @Johnnyboy: How are those beans coming along? (If you have any pictures I can post them here, just send them through email via the Contact page).
    I’ve had problems making my beans grow on a horizontal line – they want to go up, up, up 😉

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