Aquaponics Home System – Part 22: Floats for the plant tank

The plants need to be floating on top of the water in the plant tank, with their roots dipping into the water to collect nutrients. I ordered a set of kids play mats to be used as floats for the pots. This particular mat is made from EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) which is the same material used for yoga mats. It works well in an aquaponics setup because it doesn’t suck up water and it’s able to carry the weight of the plants. The mat is made up of 12 pieces, each 30 x 30 cm (1′ x 1′):

I cut off the edges to be able to exchange each piece individually once they are all floating in the plant tank. Four 3 inch net pots (7.5 cm) fits nicely into one foam sheet, once the holes have been cut with a scalpel:

For the smaller 2 inch net pots (5 cm) I used a hole saw on a power drill instead:

Then it only took a fraction of the time to cut the small holes.

My small production line 😉 :

Phew! Finally the floats with net pots are floating on the water in the plant tank:

33 small 2 inch net pots and 16 larger 3 inch net pots are in the tank now. Reconfiguration is easy as each foam sheet can be replaced.

In the meantime Charlotte painted the beast with a layer of white paint. This aquaponics system is now so stylish I think it could rightfully be referred to as an iFood 😀 :

We were in a bit of a hurry as our appointment with the guy, who was willing to sell us the fish we wanted for the fish tank, was coming closer, so off to nursery to pick up a lot of herbs to make to the system more complete and ready for the fish:

With the grow lights installed and the white paint it’s beginning to look like a pretty neat installation after all:

It’s finally time to add the fish…

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