Aquaponics Home System – Part 20: Suction Hose Filter

The Eheim 1260 pump used in this system is quite powerful (65 watt) and the suction hose has just been dumped into the aquarium:

I was worried that the fish wouldn’t stay far enough away from the hose end and would get sucked into or onto the hose and get hurt. I decided to fit some kind of protection, and look what I found in the supermarket 😉 :

What a beauty. I’m not going to brew any tea with that one though. Half of it, and some steel wire will do the trick:

The sieve with steel wire is fastened to the hose with a cable binder:

And yes, I know what it looks like, but it’s the suction side, not the pressure side, remember? 😉

Many rocks and stones have been added to the aquarium and small caves have been built, because the fish we want to have in this aquaponics system prefer to have places to hide:

The next thing I have to do is fix the lights, as some of the power cords were damaged due to being moved around all the time while setting up the aquarium.

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