Black Currant Benefits

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I love black currant. I planted a black currant bush on my old property and watched it grow and deliver a good crop of delicious berries. In my childhood home in the late 1970s we also had a few large, high yielding bushes, that we kids would rip completely – if we could get there before the birds. So I wanted to take a closer look at the actual benefits you get from black currant, and looking over the page on black currant on Wikipedia I realized that the situation in the United States is, and has been, very different from the situation in Europe and in Denmark, where I live. I turns out that in the U.S. where most of you guys come from, the black currant has been banned since the early 1900s, because it would carry white pine blister rust, a threat to the logging industry. Only in 2003 has the ban been lifted in the state of New York, but there are quite a few black currant benefits so it makes totally sense toΒ  consider getting one of your own in your garden. I’ve made a list:

  • High content of vitamin C: 100 g of black currant contains 302 % of recommended daily intake of vitamin C!
  • High yield: 5 kg of berries per bush per per year
  • The fruits can help prevent heart disease, cancer, microbial infections and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Oil made from the seeds in the fruits reduces eczema or rash in newborns, if their mothers consume it while they are breast-feeding the babies.
  • Good levels of potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B5 and dietary fibers.
  • Black currant has a unique flavour used in sauces, meat dishes and desserts. Some claim it will heighten the taste of Guinness stout – I’ve only tried it in Vodka though πŸ˜‰

So what are you waiting for? πŸ˜‰ Go get your own – and check out my post on how to prune the damn thing: How to Prune Black Currant

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