Aquaponics Home System – Part 15: Water Pump

I have mounted a small shelf for the water pump inside the plant tank table. The pump has been bolted to the shelf and I’m anxious to find out how much noise the pump will make and if the structure will start vibrating.

The suction hose is mounted on the right side of the pump and the pressure hose is mounted on the top:

“Hey, the 70’s called – they want their hose back.” 😀 You just gotta love the color, but I think it’s because this is the color the hoses will get after a while due to algae growing on the inside. You could choose clear plastic but you would have to use large pipe cleaners to keep the hoses clean and clear.

The suction hose is going to dip one end into the fish tank:

At the moment we’re considering a type of fish that likes to dig into sand to find food but I don’t want to get sand into the pump. By placing the suction hose end in the very top I hope I can avoid this and the sand will stay in the lower half of the tank. I’ll have to fill up the fish tank completely to do a water flow test though.

The plant tank inlet is supposed to consist of a pipe assembly but I haven’t found a way to connect the green pressure hose to the pipes so for now I’m just dumping one end of the hose into the end of the plant tank:

There’s probably a special PVC fitting designed to connect the two but since this is the only thing I would be ordering at the online supplier their shipping cost would be way to high compared to what I would be receiving. It doesn’t matter if I buy a tiny PVC fitting or a whole box full of them, the shipping would be the same in this case. So I’m waiting to see if I need anything else from that shop or else the plant tank inlet will just stay like this.

This last one is a closeup of the Eheim 1260 water pump, or power drive, ready to rumble:

The hoses are actually too long but I don’t want to cut off the extra length yet because I want to be able to make adjustments to the plant tank inlet depth and the fish tank suction depth.

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