Aquaponics Home System – Part 13: Plant Tank Done

A quick and efficient way to fasten the pond liner to the plant tank MDF box is to use duct tape:

It’s not pretty but the liner is secured. I’ll have to attach a couple of wooden sheets on the outside of the tank to cover up the duct tape and uneven edges. After all, the system is set up in the corner of our living room so a clean look is needed.

On the inside of the tank walls the liner is folded, almost like wrapping a Christmas present, just on the inside 😉 (man this is an annoying task. It’s hard enough to wrap a gift but this worse):

(Notice the 50 cm (20″) plank pressing the liner up against the walls). I think it has an okay look, but a cut up along the corner would look even better, but then you would have to depend on lots of glue to be sure that the plant tank was watertight. That would probably work too, but I prefer to take the safe route in this first project 😉

Glue is needed for the pond liner / bulkhead assembly – it reminds me of an engine gasket:

I have no idea if this is the correct way to apply the glue (the instructions were in German 😉 ) but I’ll find out soon enough :-/

This next one shows a layer of glue on top of the liner after pressing the liner down on top of the bulkhead:

And finally the plastic flange is fastened to the bulkhead with screws:

Yes! The aquaponic plant tank is ready for test:

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