Aquaponics Home System – Part 9

The Eheim 1260 pump was delivered to me a few days ago. Normally this pump is supposed to operate submerged in a pond or tank and take the water in through the left side through a filter. The water is then pumped out in the top:

In my aquaponic system I would prefer to have the pump installed outside the fish tank, and this can be done by mounting a hose on the intake side of the pump and operating it without the filter:

The large gray cover can be mounted again when the small black cover has been removed:

Now I need to find water hoses that will fit the standard threaded adapters which came along with the pump:

Locally the normal size of a garden hose is 13 mm (1/2″) in diameter so of course I could try and find other adapters to match this local standard size as the hoses will be cheap – in fact, I already have some spare garden hose that I could use for this project.

These adapters have a different size though. You’re supposed to connect the hose on the left side of the adapters in the picture above. The adapter for the pressure side of the pump fits inside an 18 mm (11/16″ ?) hose, and the suction side fits a 28 mm (1 2/8″ ?) hose. (Somebody please explain these inch dimensions to me! 😉 )

On the right side in the picture you have the connection to the pump. According to the pump manual the two adapters have these dimensions:

  • Pressure side: G 3/8″
  • Suction side: G 3/4″

I can’t see what this has to do with inches, denoted by the quotation marks ( ” ) – 3/8″ would be 10 mm and the thread is much bigger.

I think I’ll just go digging the Internet after some 18 mm and 28 mm water hose to get the water from the fish tank to the plant tank.

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