Video: Revisiting the Victory Garden

I was actually looking for videos starring Barbara Damrosch but only found one, that I already linked too previously. She is co-owner of Four Season Farm and I read that she appeared in the PBS series The Victory Garden. My search lead me to this old, old video about victory gardens in the US during WWII, that I want to share instead. This is old school vegetable gardening, from a time when it was a matter of life and death.

I don’t think much have changed regarding gardening techniques – the instructions in the video could just as well be used today. But the battle for victory is different as I see it. It’s still a battle, but it’s for your health. Growing your own food is just healthy. Plain and simple. Exercise, sunshine, vitamins. It reminds me why I even bother writing this blog, but what it all boils down to is preventing muscle atrophy and depression and avoiding fast food.

Although the quality of the video is poor it still moves me. Young people doing meaningful work in the field – exercise, sunshine, vitamins. They even work with a horse in the garden. I can’t remember the last time I even touched a horse. (… no, Jim, not in that way.) Completely disconnected from nature. I think it’s unhealthy and dissatisfying. Look at the amount of vegs they pull from that ½ acre (2000 m2)!

In the video they talk about:

  • Early vs. late crop
  • Crop rotation
  • Fighting pests (with some nasty looking spraying I doubt would be legal today ;-))
  • Crazy over-sized swiss chard (what IS that?)

And remember what grandpa said:

No work – no garden. Get what that means. No work – no spuds. No work – no turnip, no tank, no flying fortress, NO victory. Bear that in mind, all you victory gardeners, and work – for VICTORY!

… Your good health, that is.

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