Aquaponics Home System – Part 8

I just realized that I’ve written 7 posts already about the construction of my new aquaponic home system, so why not turn it into a blog post series. This post will then be number 8 – and of course I’ll blog on and on about the project until the bitter end, since I’m too stupid to ever give up in due time.


The pond liner for my aquaponic plant tank was delivered to me yesterday in the mail:

12.4 kilos! (27 pounds). It smells like it’s made of rubber – I expected it to be plastic, but maybe that’s why it’s easy to handle and fold. The total size of this piece is 4 m x 2.5 m which is NOT easy to handle indoors 😉 :

This type of rubber liner is 0.5 mm thick and seems like a perfect choice for the aquaponic plant tank – or an aquaponic fish tank for that matter. Another advantage with rubber is that it doesn’t build up an electric static charge as plastic rubbing against the carpet would 😉

I cut out a smaller piece of liner (2 x 1.2 m ~ 6′ 7″ x 4′) to fit into the plant tank:

I’m waiting for the Eheim 1260 water pump to arrive to find out the exact dimensions of the pipes and hoses I’m going to use for water circulation. I need to drill a hole in the bottom of the plant tank before fastening the liner to the box, and this hole needs to have the correct size in order to match the hose system. I prefer to have the parts at hand just to be sure the dimensions are correct before I start drilling.

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