Early Potatoes – Part 2

My potato growing experiment is going really well. The small potato plant is growing like crazy beneath its 36 W neon tube grow light. This picture was taken 14 days after I covered the lonely tuber with dirt:

After a thorough hoeing the stem is covered with dirt:

Hopefully this will encourage the plant to develop more tubers below the surface.

Fast forward 3 days and now the plant looks like this so it’s really growing fast now:

and after another round of hoeing the stem is covered again:

It wouldn’t be practical to put on more dirt now so I’ll leave the plant alone now until it’s time to harvest the new tubers. The foliage looks healthy, with a dark green color and I’m getting excited to see the result.

Maybe I’ll experiment with pollination later on to see if I can get the plant to produce potato seeds for next year, but for now it would be great if I could just get some tubers some time in January.

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    I wrote to you sometime back of a possibility of having a step by step tutorial on how you build the weather station and the use of 1-wire for irrigation . I have Nslu2 with debian on it. It is need for small farm holdings in africa. Can I have a tutorial how how you use the nslu2 for irrigation? I saw your script but which directory for example do I put then in and how do I apply it for a drip irrigation.


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    @Jon: Yes I remember that – I like your idea.
    Do you know about this page?: http://owfs.org/index.php?page=garden
    It tells part of the story but I still haven’t managed to add the active part of the irrigation system, i.e. a pump.
    I have here in my hand a brand new electric drill pump from Gardena, with these specifications: 2400 l/h (634 gph), 3 bar (44 PSI), product number 1490-20. It could be used together with an old drilling machine and a high voltage relay connected to the NSLU2 in some way.
    Have you decided what specific components you want to use in your system?

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