Assembling the Aquaponic Plant Tank – Part 2

I like working with MDF boards (medium-density fibre boards) because you can cut out sharp and clean edges that’ll fit together perfectly:

It’s easy to drill holes for screws and the screw heads can easily be buried resulting in a cool overall look of the aquaponic plant tank:

The tank is heavy though, maybe a bit more heavy than with ordinary fir. It seems quite robust – and it should be with all those screws I used 😉 (28 pcs.). Luckily the plant tank table I built is also robust – strong enough to keep the plant tank filled with water up above the top of the fish tank in order to create a natural flow of water from the plant tank down into the fish tank:

Now I need some plastic foil to keep the water inside the plant tank and a pump to get the water up there in the first place.

3 comments on “Assembling the Aquaponic Plant Tank – Part 2

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    I would like to build a wooden plant tank. I see that you build one. Is there anyway you can send the instructions?



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    @John: Yes, I’ll create a document describing the dimensions and post it here. This particular tank will hold 163 liters (43 gallons) of water for the plants.

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