Aquaponic Plant Tank Table

I’ve finished the table-like structure for the plant tank for the new aquaponic system. This structure is going to hold up the plant tank about 20 cm (8 inch) higher than the fish tank. Hopefully there’ll be enough room for the venturi aeration port between the bottom of the plant tank and the top of the fish tank:

There’s really nothing fancy about the design. I just used a lot of screws (48) to make it rigid enough.

It’s possible to mount a shelf in the middle and at the bottom of the structure. Add a few grow lights and potting trays and you have a small nursery for seedlings where they can begin their lives before going up into the aquaponic plant tank on the top.

I probably won’t add these since I have small kids and a cat running around near the system – they’re just too curious to leave stuff like that alone.

(Notice the cool little drawing my daughter did on the front – she was so proud that she could help me build this thing 😉 )

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