Early Potatoes

Early potatoes… Well, exactly how early is that? I mean, early potatoes are from this year, right? So in theory the earliest potatoes one could get would be from January 1. I haven’t got a garden patch and there’s snow everywhere, but I do have a bucket, a big bag o’ peat moss and a turbo charged grow light – Let’s do it! 😀

I drilled three holes in a 10 liter (2.6 gallon) plastic bucket. Those are for drainage:

Three pieces of support to keep the bucket separated from the bowl in order to let the water flow freely:

The bowl will be used for capillary watering:

A big bag o’ peat moss:

I have no idea if this is good enough for potatoes but let’s find out:

The potato tuber with small shoots is placed near the bottom of the bucket with a small layer of peat moss beneath it. The plan is to add more peat moss as the plant grows tall and thereby encourage it to develop more tubers. I’m going to do this by making sure that there’s always only a short stalk with leaves above the dirt until I can’t fill any more dirt into the bucket. Then the potato plant can grow to normal size. A bit like normal outdoor hoeing of potato plants.

Bucket and bowl placed under the grow light:

Water has been poured into the bowl for the peat moss to absorb through the holes in the bottom of the bucket.

Ready, set, GROW! 😀

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