Setting up the Aquaponics Fish Tank

Now that everything outside the house is covered with a thick layer of snow it’s nice to have something to work on indoors. Our new fish tank has been placed on the custom designed furniture. It’s pretty robust but it has to be since it will be holding up 325 liters (86 gallons) of water:

Some cables and electronics are still in the tank and have to be removed before we can begin filling the tank with water. To the right of the tank there’s a space between the tank and the wall where the plant tank will be installed (I just need to get rid of the moving boxes first 😉 )

Unfortunately the wall to the right is only made up of thin wooden sheets and we can’t mount anything heavy on those. The best I can come up with is to build a tall table from scratch, that is about 20 cm (8 inches) higher up than the top of the fish tank. On such a table the plant tank can be built and there will be a natural flow of water down from the plant tank to the fish tank. A pump will take the water back up to the plant tank. The width and length of the plant tank should be the same then, but the depth should only be half of that of the fish tank and the volume would be 163 liters (43 gallons).

Before filling up the tanks it’s necessary to make sure they are level. I bought a spirit-level for that purpose, as the old one disappeared when we moved houses.

I got a reply from the US reseller of the MD5 pump, and they told me that they only have a 110 volt version and no distributer in Europe. It would be possible to connect the MD5 pump to a 230-to-110 volt converter, but I would loose energy in the conversion plus I would probably have to pay a higher shipping cost. I’ll probably end up buying a Chinese HX 6520 water pump available locally from a company selling hydroponics equipment. I think it would be okay for this first system.

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