Aquaponics Fish Tank and Pumps

I’m building an aquaponics system following the instructions in the ebook called Ultimate Aquaponics Home System. The book recommends a 379 liter (100 gallon) tank for fish and half the size for plants. My girlfriend found an aquarium capable of holding 325 liters (86 gallon) which we bought, valued at 387 USD. Neon tubes and timer electronics were included:

Plus a box of other stuff for keeping aquarium fish:

We still need a tank for the plants but most likely I’ll build it myself, because of the special shape. The plant tank only needs half the depth of the fish tank.

I’ve begun searching for a pump to exchange the water between the fish tank and the plant tank. The ebook recommends a MD5 Danner Supreme Magnetic Drive Pump, but the company is located in USA, and I’m in Europe, so I’m taking a look at pumps available locally.

Pump specifications should be “~6 gpm capacity across ~5‐7 feet of head”. A performance curve for the MD5 pump is shown in the chart below:

The chart shows that when you try to pump the water up to a certain height (HEAD), then at some point you’ll get zero gallons per minute throughput (GPM). Looking at the MD5 curve you’ll find the coordinates mentioned above, x = 6 GPM and y = 5 feet. Converting to standard units it is 23 liters per minute at 1.5 meters.

I have used these numbers as a guideline when looking at locally distributed pumps. I have found one that looks like it’s from China and it doesn’t look as sturdy as the MD5:

I don’t know about the quality of the HX 6520 pump shown above, but at least I’ll try asking the dealer in the US about MD5 pumps in Europe. The HX 6520 is valued at 67 USD.

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    @Bruce: Thank you Bruce, I appreciate it 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get our own aquaponic system up and running here too.

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