Harvesting Coriander and Spinach Seeds

One month ago I cut down my fresh coriander bush and hung it upside down in the carport. Now that it has dried for a period it’s easy to collect the seeds:

First by picking groups of seeds off the stems:

And finally by picking off each individual seed. This is the total amount of seeds I got from a single bush/plant:

I tried to split a seed in two but there’s nothing inside the seeds. Looking at pictures by other people on the Internet it seems to be normal that the seeds split into two hollow halves. It would be interesting to do a germination test on these seeds and see if they’ll come alive. I didn’t like the smell or taste of fresh coriander so I was planning on grinding these seeds into powder and use it for cooking. I think I’ll reserve a couple for germination though.

I saved a few spinach plants for seeds too. Apparently the cat likes the taste 😉 :

I chopped up the spinach plants and put them in a plastic box that I can take with me indoors:

When I get a spare moment one winters evening I’ll pick the good seeds of the stems and save the seeds for next year.

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