Moving My Garden Webcam

I had to shorten the USB cable to make my webcam work properly or I would get lots of errors when I tried to grab images. With a shorter cable I had to move the webcam closer to the window and place it on the roof instead:

Here’s the webcam looking down on the garden. The USB cable is going in through the window but it’s still possible to close the window locking the cable into position:

If you look closely you can find the camera on top of the small roof to the left of the house:

There’s not many vegetables left in my garden at this moment although the following plants are still going strong despite the decreasing temperature: Green manure, leeks, parsnips, strawberries and sunflowers.

I tried to get the first picture from the webcam with my NSLU2 computer and installed a recorder program called streamer:

apt-get install streamer

This is the command I used:

$ streamer -c /dev/video0 -b 16 -o webcamfile.jpg

and got this picture:

I have to go work on the brightness setting 😉 On my laptop there’s a calibration going on automatically but I guess I have to adjust the settings manually on my NSLU2.

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