Debugging My NSLU2 Webcam Setup

In order to get pictures from my garden webcam onto my NSLU2 computer I installed a program called motion, which is supposed to be able grab pictures from the webcam. I tried several times to get a picture but I got lots of strange errors, so I installed the package v4l-conf to get access to v4l-info. This program is for debugging drivers, but it also produced strange errors. Sometimes the webcam was even gone:

$ v4l-info
open /dev/video0: No such file or directory

Sometimes the webcam would show up but only partial information would be available:

$ v4l-info

### video4linux device info [/dev/video0] ###
general info
	name                    : "OV511 USB Camera"
	type                    : 0x201 [CAPTURE,SUBCAPTURE]
	channels                : 1
	audios                  : 0
	maxwidth                : 640
	maxheight               : 480
	minwidth                : 64
	minheight               : 48

ioctl VIDIOCGCHAN: Input/output error

ioctl VIDIOCGTUNER: Input/output error

ioctl VIDIOCGAUDIO: Input/output error

ioctl VIDIOCGPICT: Input/output error

ioctl VIDIOCGFBUF: Input/output error

ioctl VIDIOCGWIN: Input/output error

Sometimes the missing information would be available but not the previous information:

$ v4l-info


    channel                 : 0
    name                    : "Camera"
    tuners                  : 0
    flags                   : 0x0 []
    type                    : CAMERA
    norm                    : 0


This smells like a hardware fault, and I don’t think I have to look further than my crappy duct tape USB extension cable.

The strange thing is that the USB cable and webcam works on my laptop, although there’s a lot of noise in the picture.

Below is what you can expect, so be warned once I get this thing up and running –

The Tomato Thief Strikes Again 😀 :

“But I’m only trying to provide food for my family, he told the police.

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