Tomato Harvest and Seed Saving

I’m having a sad tomato harvest this year but I’ve read on forums that other people are having problems with their tomatoes too this year. I believe it was potato blight that got to my tomatoes this year since it was about the same time the potato tops started dying. I have been throwing away tomatoes for several weeks now, and once again, another bucket:

I did manage to save some of the fruits for seed saving. 9 fruits from Black Plum tomato plants and 2 from Cherry tomato plants:

I finally gave up on the rest of the fruits – the harvest is a mix of green and red tomatoes. At least we’ll be able to pickle the green ones:

I came across a tomato for seed saving with this special pattern:

I think I’ll name it Black Plum 120, as in 120 degrees, or maybe Peace. I just need to grow the missing vertical bar in the bottom of the peace symbol 😉 I’m excited to see what the offspring from this particular fruit will look like.

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