Mounting a Webcam Outside

I want to show you what I’m doing in my garden in this very moment, and to be able to do this I’m setting up a webcam connected to my small NSLU2 computer. I have mounted the webcam in a plastic box and then mounted the box on top of a pole with a screw:

As you can tell it’s just a cheap and plain plastic box from the supermarket that I’m using as webcam cabinet:

A cable binder is securing the cable and a piece of masking tape is covering the hole I made in order to get the USB connector out:

Just to be sure that no rain will get in I have covered the hole on the outside with silicone:

And the webcam is ready for live transmission:

The USB cable to the NSLU2 computer was to short so I had to connect two USB extension cables together. I made a simple cover from a plastic bag sealed by two cable binders:

But fast forward a couple of days: My webcam suddenly stopped responding – and now I know why 😉 :

The plastic bag with cable binders turned out to be a very poor cover for the USB connectors, and the USB interface probably short circuited 🙁

Hopefully the NSLU2 computer is okay – I’ll have to make a better connection to get the camera up and running.

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