Cabinet for My Garden Webcam

I have an old Sandberg webcam that I want to use as garden webcam connected to my NSLU2 computer. It’s going to be mounted outdoors but the cabinet I bought is too small to house the webcam when the stand is mounted so I removed it from the camera body:

I’m mounting the camera body on a metal angle:

One side of the metal angle is covered with two pieces of double sided adhesive tape and the camera sticks quite well to the metal angle. I don’t want it to roll around in the cabinet:

Now that the camera is locked into position I just need to make a hole for the USB cable and mount the whole thing outside:

It’s actually a plastic box from the supermarket I’m using as cabinet. I’m sure it will protect the webcam sufficiently to get through the winter, and it’s much cheaper than a professional electronics cabinet.

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    @electro chap320: Hey thanks! 😉 Where’s your blog at? Do you have a screenshot of the bug? The blog works fine in Chromium 6.0.472.62 (59676) Ubuntu 10.04 and Firefox 3.6.10.

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