Saving Coriander Seeds

Having fresh herbs just outside your kitchen door is great and this year we had 8 different herbs growing in two large metal tubs. One of them was coriander and it grew like crazy, suffocated the other three herbs in the tub and threw itself out over the edge of the tube and down on the terrace:

I realized that fresh coriander taste and smell very different from the dry powder you buy in the supermarket. I really don’t like the taste or smell of it – I think it’s synthetic in some way. I’ve decided to collect the seeds instead hoping the taste is better:

The seeds need to dry before grinding so I cut down the entire plant and hung it upside down next to the spinach plants:

Hopefully the seeds of both the coriander and the spinach plants will be ready soon. I need the coriander spice for my falafels 😉

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