Debian NSLU2 for Garden Webcam

Update 2011-09-05: I have created a new blog about electronics only – check it out here: Electronic measurements, NSLU2 and soil moisture sensor

I’m setting up my NSLU2 computer again because it can help me in the garden as a monitor and control device. You can attach a webcam or monitor things like air temperature, soil temperature, air speed, soil moisture level, how much it rains etc., and you  can control things like sprinklers, or fans and doors in a greenhouse etc. I’m going to build an indoor aquaponics system during the winter and the NSLU2 box will become very handy as a monitoring and control device for such a system.

It’s been a long time since the box has been up and running and in the meantime I lost the USB memory stick with the operating system, so I had to install the Debian system from scratch. I went to but they referred me to I transfered the di-nslu2.bin to the NSLU2 using the upslug2 program on my Ubuntu 10.04 PC. The new Debian installer worked perfectly and automatically retrieved the rest of the software from the Internet via the NSLU2 Ethernet port connected to a switch. I had to watch the installation and answer question or else I would get a time-out and would have to start all over with the installation.

With Debian installed on my NSLU2 I’m ready to connect a webcam and place it in my garden so you can check in and see what I’m doing at the moment.

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