Building a Chicken Coop – Part 23

The smart thing about this particular chicken coop design is that the roosting part can be removed from the coop for cleaning. A special box with a perch for roosting will catch any excretions from the chickens:

The roosting box fits perfectly behind the roosting hatch, in the roosting area on top of the egg laying area:

At this point I realized that I had mounted the roosting hatch upside down, because the stabilizing frame on the roosting hatch is bumping into the roosting box when I close the hatch. The frame should be free of the box, and there’s room enough for that if the frame was mounted further up on the hatch (or the hatch was turned 180 degrees before mounting 😉 ):

When the roosting hatch is closed the box is pushed a bit into the coop due to this mistake but for now I’m going to leave the coop as it is and consider the project completed. Phew!

The first post in this series is here: Building a Chicken Coop – Part 1.

My review of the chicken coop plans is here: Chicken Coop Guide Review.

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