Building a Chicken Coop – Part 20

It’s time for mounting latches and locks on the door and hatches. I’m going for cheap, wooden ones as these will be sufficient for the chicken coop.

On the main door in the side wall of the coop I’ve mounted a wooden latch at the top of the door because this is just irresistible to a two year old – and out with the chickens. In this position it’s out of reach:

It’s just a simple latch made from a scrap piece of plywood and a screw, but it works perfectly:

The chicken hatch has been mounted too in the front wall of the coop. Still no latch though:

This is the latch for the egg and roosting hatches. A bit more advanced but that’s necessary to lock the two hatches in their closed positions:

The plywood spacer is necessary so that the latch will fit over the two plywood sheets:

Now the two hatches can be closed and locked:

I need to mount a latch on the chicken hatch and build a ramp for the chickens to get in and out of the coop. Then it will be time for painting the whole thing.

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