Building a Chicken Coop – Part 19

I found a hole in the clouds and removed the tarpaulin to work on the chicken coop project, so now the window has been mounted with two screws:

I thought the chicken hatch was ready for mounting but of course it wouldn’t fit in the hole in the gable 😉 Off with the plywood and cut off a bit in the top:

The chicken hatch needs to be mounted on a piece of wood and this piece will then be mounted on the coop gable above the hatch hole:

I’m beginning to see the effects of preparing the smaller parts away from the coop and not being able to hold up the parts next to the coop to verify that I’m on the right track. First, the plywood piece for the chicken hatch was to big, and now again, the egg hatch and the roosting hatch is overlapping. I’m glad I have my jigsaw:

Below is the main door with a stabilizing frame on the backside:

Again, there’s a misfit that I would have discovered if I had been finishing the main door near the coop and not in the carport due to the rain. The frame is mounted too close to the edge of the door, at least in the right side of the door:

On the left side there’s plenty of room for the frame:

I chose to cut off a piece of the stabilizing frame so that the holes for the screws could be reused:

The stabilizing frame on the main door now fits inside the main frame of the chicken coop. I used a couple of screws to guide the door into position before fastening the door hinges:

Voila! The main door has been mounted:

Next up is the mounting of the chicken hatch in the gable and making locks for the door and hatches.

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