Month: September 2010

Debian NSLU2 for Garden Webcam

Update 2011-09-05: I have created a new blog about electronics only – check it out here: Electronic measurements, NSLU2 and soil moisture sensor I’m setting up my NSLU2 computer again because it can help me in the garden as a monitor and control device. You can attach a webcam or monitor things like air temperature,

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Ultimate Aquaponics Home System Review

Update 2011-04-11: The product below has been relaunched with a new name, “Aquaponics 4 You”. That’s where the links below will lead you to. I’m trying to find out what changes have been made, and if the review below is also valid for Aquaponics 4 You. Update 2011-05-12: The product now includes a new video

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How to Propagate Strawberries

If you already have strawberry plants growing in your garden you can make more plants yourself by propagating the old ones. This is preferred over bringing home plants from another garden because you risk bringing home pests with you, like strawberry mites or nematodes. You can propagate strawberries by dividing old plants or by taking

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