Building a Chicken Coop – Part 17

This chicken coop window is putting my woodworking skills to the test – angles, notches and glue etc. I’m using one of the plywood sheets as a guide to make sure the window frame is in a right angle. Hopefully the plywood sheet has been cut in a right angle 😉 The protective plastic is still on the plexiglass in the picture below:

With the protection removed the plexiglass piece is able to move around inside the frame so I fixed it with masking tape, and glued the joints of the wooden frame together:

I made some marks on the plexiglass sheet to be able to place it in the middle of the frame:

Now the glue has to dry before I can mount the window in the coop. It also needs a silicone seal around the edges between the plexiglass and the wooden frame to protect against the weather.

I managed to get the egg hatch done too:

A stiffening frame has been mounted on the backside of the plywood sheet.

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