Building a Chicken Coop – Part 16

I’m still goofing around between inches and centimeters. I just realized that the boards I bought for the stiffening frames for the hatches and the window are way too thick so I had to cut out some new pieces:

I’m glad I have my new jigsaw so it didn’t take that long.

Now the project gets a bit tricky because the chicken coop plan suggest mounting a piece of plexiglass inside the frame and for that I need to cut a groove on the inside of the frame. I haven’t got a special tool for this so I’m being a little creative here using a drill and a handsaw:

The handsaw removes what’s left by the drill:

I finished the window frame using my drill as a milling cutter and the result is quite good (although this way of doing it takes an awful long time):

I might actually be able to get away with this and make it look like a real window 😉 :

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