Potato Fruits

It seemed to take forever for my potatoes to start flowering this year but it was worth waiting for. The potato flowers are actually quite pretty:

I would like to save some potato seeds for next year so it was disappointing to see that the potato flowers had some kind of weakness, which causes almost all of the flower heads to fall off the plants. The picture below show the weakness on the stem (right), and a place where a flower broke off (left):

Fortunately some of the flowers are located on stems that are a bit stronger than the rest, making it possible for the potato plants to develop fruits. Tiny fruits have been developed on the plant below, since the flowers didn’t break off:

Last night I came across this larger fruit hiding below the leaves:

This potato fruit is about 1 cm (0.4 inch) in diameter and looking healthy, although I have no idea at all what will come out of these seeds. All I know is that the potato plant is an Asparagus type potato.

My fingers are crossed, hoping that the small stems with fruits are strong enough to help the fruit mature.

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