Building a Chicken Coop – Part 11

It seems that there is no way around using toe-nailing unless you want to use a crazy amount of metal angles to build this chicken coop according to plan. Well, I did a bit of practicing and it’s not that hard after all, and it locks the wood together very tightly. Use a 45 deg. guiding line to get the correct angle – I have drilled holes for the screws beforehand so that the wood doesn’t split:

You can just force the screws in – the wood will tear a bit allowing the head of the screw to be buried below the surface:

Or you can use a bigger drill for the head of the screw if you want a cleaner look, plus it also keeps the wood from splitting:

This was done to strengthen the top of the main frame.

I’m also toe-nailing the braces for the door and the window frames:

Below is a picture of the window frame (left) and the door frame (right) mounted on the coop main frame:

Next I’ll be building the nesting box placed at the opposite end of the coop.

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