Building a Chicken Coop – Part 9

I have been spending time trying to level out the four concrete piers that I’m using as foundation for the chicken coop, and now it seems like I have finally got a satisfying result:

I began with the lower right pier and did a bit of leveling of the soil beneath it, until the pier was level itself. Then I moved forward and dug a hole for the upper right pier, deep enough to make it level with the lower right pier. Then I removed a bit of grass beneath the lower left one, making sure it ended up being level with the lower right one, that I began with. Then a hole for the last one, upper left, making sure each pier was level with each of the other piers, and in itself.

This takes a great deal of fiddling, and time because you’re working in three dimensions, but you have to be precise in each step of the process or the errors will accumulate and the result will be unusable.

I found that the easiest way to get the right distance between the piers was to grab the chicken coop base and place it on top of the piers when they were starting to get in place and then adjust the distances from that.

Finally the piers and the coop base are in place:

You can get a feel for the sloping ground by looking a the picture below:

The two top piers have been dug halfway into the ground while the two lower ones are standing directly on the ground.

It pays to be precise in each step of the process so that the end result will be precise too:

And the side is level too:

Each leg is kept in place by two screws through a metal piece sticking out of the concrete pier:

And finally the two top piers are covered with soil to fill up the hole around them, and locking them into place:

Next, I’ll be building the coop frame on top of this base.

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