Building a Chicken Coop – Part 7

The next task is to assemble the chicken coop frame, on which the walls and roof will be mounted. One of the challenges are to make sure that the studs are at right angles, and I’m using a previously cut piece of plywood for that purpose:

Another challenge which I didn’t anticipate is that you’ll need to find a level area of sufficient size. Although the coop plan says that you should assemble the frame on top of the coop base I find it easier to do that upside down on a flat surface, at least for now. I’m using a couple of previously cut plywood sheets to do the assembly on:

I even had to level out the gravel to make it usable as a floor beneath the sheets.

This is the chicken coop frame as it looks so far:

It is turned upside down to ease assembly – and some of the screws are not in yet 😉

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